Thursday, March 6, 2008

Groups, pairs, and roles for our WebQuest

These are the groups and pairs that will work together on the WebQuest Important Women in the World. You can also see the roles each student will have:

Group A: Dorothy Crowfoot Hodgkin
Biographers: Lucas and Lorena
Work researchers: Jesús Martínez and Sergio
Travel agents: Miguel Ángel Conde and Francisco

Group B: Ada Augusta Byron
Biographers: Carmen and Celia
Work researchers: Andrés and Miguel Ángel Lobo
Travel agents: Maite and Jennifer

Group C: Toni Morrison
Biographers: José Antonio and José Carlos
Work researchers: Cayetano and Anabel
Travel agents: Lucía and Sara

Group D: Marjorie Jackson Nelson
Biographers: Vicente and Daniel
Work researchers: Manolo and Aitor
Travel agents: Mª Cruz and Paula

Group E: Edmonia Lewis
Biographers: Jesús Castaño and José Luis
Work researchers: Alba and Ana
Travel agents: Alberto and Jaime

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