Tuesday, March 11, 2008

The Monsters in our Class

Here you are some descriptions of the monsters that live in your classmates' heads. Aren't they scary? Which is your favourite one?

This monster has got two heads, four eyes and two noses. He has got three legs with seven fingers in each foot. He has got four arms and in every hand he has got four fingers. He is thin and very tall. On his head he has got five hairs. He hasn’t got a mouth.
By Anabel Rico Madera

He is a tall and fat monster with five hands and three legs. In his hands he has got two fingers and in his legs he has got eight toes. He is very ugly and he has got nine eyes and one ear. He hasn't got nose or any belly button.
By Celia Rodríguez Ruiz

The monster has got three mouths and in each mouth it has got two tongues; it has got a nose and five eyes. It has got four arms and no fingers, it has got four legs and one toe in each foot.
By Lucas Giráldez Torres

The monster has got one eye, two mouths with two teeth and two very big ears. The nose is very little and he is hasn't got hair.
By Lorena López Gómez

The monster is blue. He has got two hands and ten fingers in each hand. He is tall, he has got one leg and seven feet. His hair is purple, he has got three eyes, no ears, four mouths, one nose and he is wearing a long shirt.
By Maite Eseverri Zarzuelo

The monster of my house is very nice. He is small. He has got four arms and four hands. He has got seven legs. He isn’t intelligent but he is strong. He has got spiky blue hair. He has got three eyes, two noses, ten ears and a big, big mouth. He has got pink shoes, green trousers and a yellow t-shirt. He is my favourite monster!
By Paula María Chía de la Rosa
This monster is pink. She has got three blue eyes, six arms and two legs. She hasn't got ears or nose. She is very tall. She likes listening to music.
By Alba Catalán Baena

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