Saturday, May 17, 2008

Summer Nights from Grease

The choreography that Cayetano, Paula María, Sergio, Sara, Celia, Anabel, Carmen and Mª Cruz are preparing for Music class is Summer Nights from the movie titled Grease. Here you can see a video with the lyrics and another video which is in fact a karaoke for you to sing. I hope it will help you!


Anonymous said...

if I find a better video can you change the video of the blog?
I send you before of course.


Elena González Guerrero said...

Of course, Celia! If you find a better video, please send it to me. But remember that it should include the lyrics in a karaoke version. The idea is to help you sing the song.

P@UL@-M@RI@ said...

Oh!!! Summer Loving is a fantastic song ans it is very romantic and the boys are very stupid, what no...Our dance is very well (for me) and very entertaining and the componets have very well competition but we are very happy for do this dance.
More kisses fo Elena, for my classmates and or evrypeople what visit this fantastic blog